Tanya Khovanova

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Tanya Khovanova is a Lecturer at MIT and a freelance mathematician. She received her Ph.D. in Mathematics from the Moscow State University. Her current interests lie in recreational mathematics including puzzles, magic tricks, combinatorics, number theory, geometry, and probability theory. Her website is located at tanyakhovanova.com, her highly popular math blog at blog.tanyakhovanova.com and her Number Gossip website at numbergossip.com.

Tanya works with gifted children in a variety of settings. At the AMSA Charter School in Massachusetts, she coaches the math competition team. She also mentors and supervises high school students who want to do research in mathematics. She works with the two most successful programs that focus on helping kids do research: RSI and MIT PRIMES.

When Tanya is not thinking about mathematics or puzzles, she enjoys dancing. Actually, sometimes she thinks about math while dancing – and about dancing while solving problems.

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