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The Program: √mathroots is a two-week residential math summer program at MIT for high-potential high school students from underrepresented backgrounds or underserved communities who are interested in exploring creative topics in mathematics and problem solving. We have 20 students each summer, and we hire approximately 5 resident counselors and 5 academic mentors. Together, our staff work to create a great academic experience and a fun and welcoming atmosphere for our students every year.

The Job: Residential counselors live with students in an MIT dormitory, and are responsible for coordinating and leading recreational activities, getting students to and from activities on time, accompanying students during rest days (on college tours, outings, etc.), and supporting all logistical needs of the camp. Residential counselors spend many hours each day interacting directly with students in an informal setting, and must be kind, patient, enthusiastic, and energetic. You can find a full job description here.

We generally hire MIT undergraduates or graduate students as residential counselors, but we occasionally hire alumni or students from other universities, particularly if they are also working as academic mentors. The residential counselor position is open to students in all years and majors.

A Day in the Life: On a typical day, students and residential counselors wake up between 7am and 8am, and leave the dorm by 8:15am to eat breakfast on campus. By 9am, the students are in class. There is a lunch break from 12:30-2:30pm, and students have class again until 6pm. From then until 10:30pm, it’s dinner, recreation, and studying. At around 10:30, counselors meet with students in small groups and give announcements for the day. Lights-out is at 11, and then the counselors have a brief staff meeting.

Time Commitment: In addition to being present during meals and free time, residential counselors will typically have an hour or two of tasks during the day while students are in class (buying groceries and other inventory, planning recreational activities, etc.). Although it is entirely possible to simultaneously work, study, or do summer research, counselors can only count on having an average of about 5 hours to themselves each day (and may want to use some of this time to rest), so it is important that any other obligations while √mathroots is in session be flexible and part-time.

Compensation: $2,200.

Why work at √mathroots? As a residential counselor at √mathroots, you will have the opportunity to mentor a diverse group of passionate, talented, and energetic students. You will get to help create a fun and welcoming environment for them, and challenge yourself through the unique experience of working in a residential summer camp. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, consider joining the √mathroots team!

Academic Mentor: Academic mentors lead problem-solving sessions, give lectures, proctor and grade exams, and generally run the academic side of √mathroots. They are usually graduate students in the MIT math department, but in the past, we have also hired MIT undergraduates, alumni, and graduate students from other universities. If you are interested in being an academic mentor, please get in touch with √mathroots Academic Coordinator, John Urschel, at