√mathroots 2021 Cohort


√mathroots was amazing…. even though it was on Zoom. I was on zoom with the most intelligent, kind, and inspiring people I had ever been with. The connections and teamwork we were able to create just through a computer screen made √mathroots so special.
Ali G. ’21 (Cleveland, OH)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class of 2026


Tackling difficult p-sets along with my cohort members showed me how much collaboration is required to do mathematics. Overall, Mathroots only intensified my passion for math.
Patrick M. ’20 (Middletown, PA)
Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2026


√mathroots 2020 Cohort


√mathroots was an absolutely amazing experience that allowed me to make lasting friendships rooted in a common interest in learning math, further pushed my drive to study mathematics in college, and taught me more about the wonderful, complex world that is logic and math. I loved the academic and social experience, and I will never forget my time at √mathroots!”
Hector M. ’20 (Brownsville, TX)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class of 2025


I absolutely loved √mathroots! This program encouraged me to push for the stars, apply to top level colleges, and continue doing what I love: math! I was very glad it was able to move online and keep such a fun, engaging atmosphere!”
Jade D. ’20 (Dunkirk, MD)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class of 2025


I discovered and explored so many fascinating math topics, and the mentors and counselors are phenomenal people. My peers, exceptional students and even better friends, inspired me to reach heights I couldn’t even imagine before. MathROOTS was the best part of my summer by far!
Michael S. ’20 (Fenton, MO)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class of 2026


√mathroots 2019 Cohort


“√mathroots not only helped advance my complex thinking and problem solving skills, but also surrounded me with a community of like-minded individuals who shared my passion for math. The memories I have from √mathroots have had a lasting impression on me, and the encouragement from my peers and mentors has bolstered my confidence in my ability to be successful in a STEM field. I am forever grateful for the experience I had at MIT, and for the lasting friendships I made in those two short weeks!
Alina D. ’19 (Austin, TX)
Stanford University, Class of 2024


√mathroots 2018 Cohort


“√mathroots was one of my most formative experiences from high school. Not only did I have the opportunity to explore a plethora of exciting ideas and puzzles, but I met so many passionate and welcoming people who were eager to talk about them with me. √mathroots showed me that I could be a mathematician, and then it convinced me that that’s exactly what I want to do.”
Enrico C. ’18 (Waterford, MI)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class of 2023


√mathroots 2017 Cohort


In just two weeks, √mathroots showed me that a career in mathematics is not only possible but what I had been searching for all along! I’m forever grateful for its supportive staff and my incredible peers.
Daniel A. ’17 (Boston, MA)
Harvard College, Class of 2022


√mathroots 2016 Cohort


“The two weeks at MIT were wonderful! It was such a privilege to learn from such amazing people; the entire program was definitely an eye-opening experience. I just wanted to say thanks again, for the great opportunity.”
Ali G. ’16 (Tucson, AZ)
Harvard College, Class of 2021


“√mathroots not only taught me new, interesting facts about math, but also exposed me to like-minded peers of my ethnicity and cultural background…I am now a more self-assured student.”
Anastasia O. ’16 (Marietta, GA)
Harvard College, Class of 2022



“√mathroots was a life-changing experience. Not only did I realize that math truly is my calling, but that there are peers who share the same passion as me.”
Carolina M. ’16 (Miami, FL)
University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2022



“√mathroots @ MIT was one of the best experiences I had in high school, and taught me to truly think critically. It was such a rewarding program to not only be surrounded by inspiring and ambitious students with similar passions in math, but also be placed in such a rigorous academic setting. Being immersed in the college life at MIT and even exploring Boston left a profound impact on me and pushed me to pursue a masters in engineering, and to never back down from a challenging problem!
Emma M. ’16 (Seattle, WA)
Arizona State University, Class of 2021


√mathroots 2015 Cohort


“I found my people. There were more math problems than I could handle at once, and so many things to do.”
Trajan H. ’15 (Chicago, IL)
Carnegie Mellon University Class of 2020



“Antonio tuviera la experiencia tan maravillosa e increíble que fue asistir al programa. Doy gracias a Dios por personas que, como usted, son ángeles que pasan fugazmente o por largo tiempo por la vida de Antonio.”
– mother of Antonio M. ’15 (El Paso, TX)
California Institute of Technology, Class of 2020


“Surrounding myself with the right people is crucial to this journey I’m on. I met 19 other students who had the same level of interest in mathematics as me! I believe that these bonds will last for a lifetime.”
Deon R. ’15 (Shawnee, KS)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class of 2020


“Thank you [for] heart-pumping mathematics with other great future mathematicians [and an introduction] to the wide realm of complex mathematics, Fenway Park, the city of Boston, college tours and so much more.”
Landon L. ’15 (Plantation, FL)
University of Florida, Class of 2020